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GoPro Hero11 at Alaul in 2023


One of the best action cameras in the world of action cameras is the GoPro Hero11. It has an advanced level of photography because of its unique and advanced quality features. GoPro is undoubtedly one of the best brands among camera manufacturers. The latest version of GoPro’s action camera is the GoPro Hero11.

In this blog, you will learn about the features of the GoPro Hero11, how to buy it from Alaul, and how much it costs.

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GoPro Hero11

Two of the hottest action cameras are the GoPro Hero10 and GoPro Hero11. The features of both cameras are almost the same. But the Hero11 is more advanced and user-friendly than the Hero10 and is considered the best versatile action camera.

GoPro Hero11 has all the great features of an action camera with high quality.

Its features are:

Processor, picture, and video quality

Like the GoPro Hero10, the GoPro Hero11 uses the latest GP2 processor. The specialty of this processor is its speed. It will keep your camera running smoothly. Like the Hero10, it also offers 8X slow-motion video recording and viewing. So, every shot of the video can be taken realistically.

With 10-bit color, your photos and videos will look as clear and colorful as real objects.

This camera also supports more than 5.3K resolution, so you can see crystal-clear pictures and videos on the screen. Shooting at 60 fps at 5.3K resolution will give your work a professional look.
It uses a better HyperSmooth model than the Hero10 to shoot low-light scenes. It won an Emmy® Award for the Hypersmooth 5.0 technology used in it.

Each picture can be taken at high resolution. As the resolution is more than 27 megapixels, the pictures are very clear and vivid. And if you take a picture from the video, the resolution will be 24.7 megapixels.
Can you understand how high-resolution pictures and videos can be seen in it? So no worries about its resolutions.

It has 3 types of night effects to shoot in the dark, which will take you to a creative level in photography. With a large image sensor, every scene can be seen clearly and more widely. It has a 1/1.9° image sensor.

Audio quality

Media mode has better-quality audio input. Every sound will be clear in the scenes which are shot by it.


Like the Hero10, it has a dual-digital LCD display. The display will not get scratched or cracked easily.


it has a 1720 mAh Enduro battery that can be removed and inserted manually.

File sharing

It also has file-sharing and editing facilities like Hero10. And files can be backed up, so there is no fear of losing files.


You can get all the benefits of an action camera with the GoPro Hero11. Action can be shot anywhere—in the forest, in the mountains, or in the water by it. A very clear view of 33-foot-deep water can be seen in this camera. Being waterproof, there is no fear of water getting inside the camera.


With a weight of only 154 grams, this camera can be carried everywhere. You can also shoot with it attached to a bike helmet. You can go anywhere with a bag or by hand. Can be easily placed on a stand, tripod, or handler.

GoPro Hero11 at Alaul

If you are a resident of Bangladesh, then you can search and see if anyone else offers the original GoPro Hero11 at such a low price. Only Alaul.com offers this camera at a lower price than others.
So feel free to order at alaul.com. The original product will be delivered to your address with utmost care.

GoPro Hero11 Price

Alaul.com will give you this camera at a low price so that you don’t have to buy an action camera at an extra cost. In other places, its price is kept above 55 thousand. Alaul.com will sell you this amazing action camera for Tk 53,300.

To do an order and more details visit- GoPro Hero11

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