Why alaul.com a trusted wholesale marketplace

Wholesale Marketplace for Best Wholesale Price

Wholesale Marketplace Alaul is a different type of online platform in Bangladesh. There is a perception about product price is high when it takes from online. Alaul is aimed to change that feeling, whether it is buying or selling, both lead to saving money, time & energy.

Wholesale marketplace bring what kind of benefit

A question may arise how will be benefited buyers using this platform? Alaul.com is providing Buyers the opportunity to buy products at wholesale price from manufacturers and importers with minimum hassle and time.

Now, what’s in it for the sellers? As we know, sometimes the cost of marketing is higher than the production cost. It is almost impossible for small entrepreneurs to bear that cost and maintain the product quality; since most of the buyers are not ready to spend that much. If the small entrepreneurs find a partner like Alaul in this marketing activity, they can focus on the quality of their products and customer satisfaction.

Is it possible change the Market by wholesale marketplace?

Now come to the point of the possibility of our success. Our population is more than one hundred eighty million. According to a survey report of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the present number of small enterprises in Bangladesh is about 8 million; if we can succeed to bring them with us then it’s possible to change our regular market’s strategy and reach our goal.

Actually, our target is representing local products within the border and across the boundary of the country as well. Thus Alaul.com is making the path to a future trend of business.             

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